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Network of institutions and professionals to support prisoners’ families

Asociación Hestia
hestia butterfly
Hestia Association is made up of professionals in psychosocial and educational intervention and research. Their main projects focus on the promotion of Positive Parenting, Family Preservation, the fight against school dropout and the promotion of equality and social integration. Among their work, it’s worth highlighting the projects conducted within the prison systems of Gran Canaria and Lanzarote islands. The main programme called "Padres y madres sin barreras" is a project that nourishes the relationship between incarcerated parents and their children and families through group, family and community-based activities. This programme is evidence-based and follows proven methodology, benefiting both the incarcerated parents and their families. Hestia Association also runs two Social Theatre workshops with inmates, organizing plays based on their experiences, which are performed in and outside prisons.
AAT logo
AAT is dedicated to helping people with addictions through treatment and support programmes and services, including an individual treatment programme for young inmates at the La Roca del Vallès Correctional Centre (Barcelona). 
Amigos Contra la Droga, Avilés (ACD Avilés)
Day center, addiction treatment and counseling for family members. Coordination with prison. Offenders regarding Article 182 and those with suspended sentences are admitted

SOLIDARIOS para el Desarrollo
Solidarios para el desarrollo logo
Since 1987, SOLIDARIOS have been developing activities combining culture and volunteering. Every week we organize "Culture Classrooms" and bring people from the world of literature, music, journalism, sport, etc. to prisons. Volunteers promote and participate in these cultural activities that act as an ‘excuse’ to engage in more face-to-face contact with other inmates, as well as creating spaces for reflection and mutual enrichment. We also work in the Third Degree and with the prisoner’s families, as we understand that they are an important part of the process of reintegrating into society.

Psychological Care Unit for Children of People in Prison and their Families. Free care for children of people in prison and their families. We advise and support through telephone contact, online (WhatsApp, social networks, or video conference) or in person, nationwide. It belongs to the Care Service of the Faculty of Psychology of the University of Salamanca.
Érguete logo
We work with people deprived of liberty so that they can acquire and complete their training, development and professional skills. In closed prison facilities and social integration centres in Vigo and A Coruña. Some of the services are: Occupational training and non-labour professional internships. Community services: preparation and implementation, by the participant, of a solidarity service that responds to the needs of the community. Heat and café service: a place for the meeting and welcoming of people with drug addictions in a situation of social emergency and for people in situations of severe social exclusion. 
Noesso Logo
The Noesso Association is dedicated to the social inclusion of young people, addiction treatment and the integration of people at risk of social exclusion into the job market. 
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Fundación Emet Arco Iris provides specialised care for people struggling with addiction problems as well as for young people at risk. Since it was founded in 1983, it has advanced equality in under-served groups through professional and interdisciplinary intervention, responding to the new demands of society and public administrations.

An intervention program in the Teixeiro prison where we help, give information and support the rights of the families regarding the functioning and access to the prison environment. They are also informed of the release process, leaves and entries into prisons and the emotional accompaniment available to them.
Pretox logo

Since 1987, Pretox has offered services to people suffering with addiction problems, as well as their family members and the wider community. Their work is centred on a holistic approach that addresses the social and psychological dimensions of drug addiction and is sensitive to the needs of each group of beneficiaries. The services that are provided in the penitentiary sector include social and psychological support, programmes in prevention and harm reduction, assistance regarding prison leave and services of accompaniment at the Ocaña I and Ocaña II prisons in Toledo.

Fundación Psicología Sin Fronteras
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Our foundation encompasses a large range of psychological fields that can help the families of people in prison. In the clinical sector, we possess a mediation team that can assist with family conflict management. We also have a wide range of programs in the psychology field, including mental health care services, making therapy accessible for everyone. Not only do we conduct them in our clinical centres, but we can also go to the patient's home to conduct therapies, on request, thus reaching the whole community. In the sector of legal psychology, we have a team that works within both the closed and open regimes in prisons, conducting therapy, accompaniments and connecting external mental health networks with people in prison that suffer from some form of Serious Mental Disorder.
Fundación Canaria Yrichen
Yrichen logo
Since 2012, Yrichen has managed the Therapeutic Community of the Las Palmas Penitentiary Centre II. We assist not only the incarcerated individuals, but also any family member that wants to benefit from our services. Simultaneously, at Yrichen’s headquarters in the Telde municipality, we offer a weekly session named “Time for families” in which family members of people in prison come together to share their experiences. 
Asociación Ariadna
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Asociación Ariadna has more than 35 years of experience in the field of addictions and is a benchmark organisation in the prevention of drug use, the treatment of people with addiction problems, both in the community and in penitentiary centres, the provision of support for their families, and the process of social integration.

Fundación Diagrama Intervención Psicosocial
Fundación Diagrama Intervención Psicosocial (Spain) - Coordinator

Fundación Diagrama Intervención Psicosocial is a non-profit organisation that has been working since 1991 to attend to the needs of vulnerable people or those in social difficulty, always from the defence and promotion of Human RightsWith over 5000 professionals, the Foundation's mission is to promote and develop centers, services, programmes and research aimed at the prevention, treatment and integration of all those who are in difficulty or at social risk, especially children, young people, families, women and people in a situation of dependency. 

O Companheiro
O Companheiro aims to promote normative lifestyles, training and residence, and to implement citizenship in ex-prisoners, prisoners and their families. It also aims to demystify the prejudices that impede the proper integration of ex-prisoners and prisoners, to enable ex-prisoners and prisoners to re-establish family ties, to integrate ex-prisoners into the socio-professional context and to prevent recidivism.
Casa da Criança de Tires
Casa da Criança de Tires is an IPSS that works to promote and protect the rights of all children, children of imprisoned parents and children who are victims of any kind of maltreatment, with a viwe to their physical and psychological recovery, taking care of all the conditions for their protection and promotion of their safety, health, training, education, well-being and development.
Associação Diáspora sem Fronteiras
Associação Diáspora sem Fronteiras focuses a lot on migration issues mainly providing advice on regularisation, access to health, education and housing. Nowadays, they have developed this part in relation to migration, peace education and political education. They also have an international network of partners and are commited to thinking about the contributions they can make at a public policy level. They always think in terms of the vulnerability of territories, understanding that these are the ones that need special attention.
Confiar – Associação de Reinserção Social

Confiar's aim is to promote the prevention of criminal behaviour in order to improve the integration and social reintegration of young people, and people deprived of their freedom.

CASPAE – Centro de Apoio Social
CASPAE is an IPSS founded in 2000 in Coimbra, whose mission is to promote social responses, personal development and well-being, with the aim of integrating individuals into society.
Associação HOPEN HEART
hope heart logo

Associação HOPEN HEART is a non-profit based in Cascais. They believe love is the most important value and, as such, work directly with people deprived of liberty of different cultures, nationalities and religions and their families to promote faith, hope and the opportunity to adopt a different lifestyle, helping to prevent recidivism. 

Associação Diálogo & Acção

Diálogo & Acção is a non-profit organisation that has been promoting the development of disadvantaged young people and women since 2008. It promotes education for citizenship and human rights, valuing the potential of each individual through art and culture, working directly with people deprived of liberty and their families. 

Centro Social 6 de Maio

Centro Social 6 de Maio is a non-profit that aims to promote better social, educational and family integration for all individuals, preferably the most in need and excluded, and to help them acquire personal and social skills in order to exercise full citizenship, in a spirit of human and Christian solidarity. Their work includes a kindergarten, a pre-school and a community center— that provides social and family support and educational, cultural and recreational activities.  

Associação Portuguesa de Apoio ao Recluso (APAR)

APAR is a non-profit organisation aimed at supporting all prisoners in Portuguese jails and all Portuguese citizens in foreign prisons, seeking to promote their rights and social reintegration process. It has a group of delegates and sub-delegates in all Portuguese prions. 

AJPAS (Associação de Intervenção Comunitária, Desenvolvimento Social e de Saúde)

AJPAS is a non-profit institution that develops activity in the areas of public and social health, intervening in the community, both in health promotion and disease prevention projects. 

Câmara Municipal de Cascais

Cascais Municipality is the local government structure that represents the over 200 000 residents of Cascais. Regarding social intervention, it has civil society organisations as allies and it is in this way, in partnership or network with non-profit organisations, that are mobilised to promote and provide access to equipment, responses and social resources. In a growing commitment to quality and the progressive adaptation of responses to the needs of residents, Cascais Municipality defends social cohesion and support for people and families in vulnerable situations as a fundamental pillar for the sustainability and balance of local society and directs its investment towards the promotion, development and training of organisations and people. 

Aproximar, Cooperativa de Solidariedade Social CRL
Aproximar, Cooperativa de Solidariedade Social (Portugal)

Aproximar was founded in 2006 with the aim of providing programmes and services  that enable organisations and communities to respond sustainably to challenges and opportunities. It develops projects in four main areas: Criminal Justice System (supporting professionals, people deprived of liberty and their families); Economy, Employability and Entrepreneurship; Community Education and Empowerment; Active Ageing & Dependent Care.  

O Mundo da Carolina - Associação de Apoio a Crianças e Jovens
O Mundo da Carolina - Associação de Apoio a Crianças e Jovens (Portugal)

O Mundo da Carolina is a non-profit based in Covilhã. Its mission is to support and contribute to the development of children and young people, with a special focus on those suffering from chronic illnesses and/or socioeconomic vulnerability. It develops activities that promote digital literacy, civic participation and a spirit of solidarity. 

EPANODOS is a non-profit Legal Entity of Private Law supervised by Greek Ministry for Citizen Protection . It is the first, as well as the sole, official agency providing ex-prisoners with “after-care” services to be established in Greece. According to its founding act (Presidential Decree No. 300/2003), it aims at “prisoners and ex-prisoners’ vocational support, as well as at the preparation and promotion of their social reintegration in a broad sense”., EPANODOS has been established in order to facilitate and support any effort towards the social and vocational reintegration of former inmates of correctional facilities. EPANODOS’s activities also include the preparation for, and the support of, the social reintegration of adult and juvenile ex-prisoners, as well as the promotion of their employability. In this direction, EPANODOS provides people released from prison with psychosocial, legal and vocational counseling and support.
ARSIS – Association for the Social Support of Youth

ARSIS – Association for the Social Support of Youth is a Non Governmental Organization, specializing in the social support of youth that are in difficulty or danger and in the advocacy of their rights. The main target is the prevention of youth marginalisation, the elaboration of policies which defend youth rights and the active social support towards disadvantaged young people. ARSIS was established in 1992 and since then it operates in Athens, Thessaloniki, Volos, Alexandroupoli, Kozani and Tirana due to the active participation of members, volunteers and young people.

Freedom Gate Greece

"Freedom Gate Greece" was founded in June of 2012 with a goal of fighting every form of social exclusion as well as promoting the psychosocial support of vulnerable groups. Its actions focus on the support of prisoners’ familiar environment with special care to underage children of the family, on rehabilitation programs for juvenile offenders, on support programs for incarcerated parents and on research. Having already developed connections with organisations such as Eurochips (European network for children with imprisoned parents in which we are members) and Eurochild (in which they are also members), which have great experience in similar actions, they have designed their interventions using evidence-based practices, adjusted to Greek reality.


"Freedom Gate Greece" was founded in June of 2012 with a goal of fighting every form of social exclusion as well as promoting the psychosocial support of vulnerable groups. Its actions focus on the support of prisoners’ familiar environment with special care to underage children of the family, on rehabilitation programs for juvenile offenders, on support programs for incarcerated parents and on research. Having already developed connections with organisations such as Eurochips (European network for children with imprisoned parents in which we are members) and Eurochild (in which they are also members), which have great experience in similar actions, they have designed their interventions using evidence-based practices, adjusted to Greek reality.

Athens Lifelong Learning Institute - Civil Non-Profit Organisation
Athens Lifelong Learning Institute - Civil Non-Profit Organisation (Greece)

The Athens Lifelong Learning Institute is a research and education institute based in Athens, Greece. The Institute represents a unique integration of multidisciplinary expertise and ”innovative thinking” drawing on a comprehensive and diverse knowledge base, combining research methods, network development and policy analysis. Thier aim is to enhance innovation processes mainly in the areas of lifelong learning, human capital development, labour markets and social inclusion in a local, national and European context. Thier research teams specializes in the implementation of social research in the fields of social inclusion, human rights, active citizenship, the transformative effects of the new media technologies and other topics important for our society 

Mental Health for Romania – Sănătate Mintală pentru România
We want to increase mental health awareness and fight the stigma against mental health conditions, primarily through educating the youth.We want to improve the access to mental health services for as many people as possible, as well as to create a community centred around mutual understanding and support.
Asociația Curcubeul Cunoașterii
Established in 2013 under the name of the Rainbow of Knowledge Association, the Rainbow of Knowledge Day Centre for Parents and Children Counselling meets the needs of the community of Medgidia and the neighbouring towns to combat exclusion of any kind, with specialized and personalized psychological and psychotherapeutic counselling services offered to children and their families who may be at risk of social exclusion. Major risks can be generated by medical diagnoses, psychological difficulties not treated in time, educational deficiencies and poverty.
Fundația Stânca Veacurilor
It supports educational and social assistance programmes in prisons for the social reintegration of prisoners into society and the prevention of their recidivism.
Fundația SVASTA
The Foundation's projects have from the beginning been oriented to education. The target group of these projects is defined according to predominantly social criteria, being mainly children and young people from disadvantaged backgrounds and families, with limited opportunities to continue their education, but who have demonstrated that they want to learn.
Fundația Română pentru Copii, Comunitate și Familie
The Romanian Foundation for Children, Community and Family was born in 1998 with the aim to prevent child abandonment and to support institutionalized children to learn skills that will enable them to live an independent life, The Romanian Foundation for Children, Community and Family was born in 1998 with the aim to prevent child abandonment and to support institutionalized children to learn skills that will enable them to live an independent life. Through our programmes, we focus on preventing early school leaving, because those children who do not finish compulsory education cannot qualify professionally and cannot get out of the circle of poverty.
European Strategies Consulting
european strategies consulting

European Strategies Consulting (ESC) is an independent consultancy company specialized in European and international public policies in the field of social, legal and educational development, providing concept analysis, project design, reform implementation, monitoring and evaluation (including need & impact assessment, benchmarking and comparative research). 

Asociatia Vis Juventum
Asociatia Vis Juventum (Romania)

Asociatia Vis Juventum was founded in 2012 and is a non-profit, independent, public benefit association. It aims to promote volunteering and active citizenship among young people at European level and to work towards the elimination of discrimination and the fostering of good inter-ethnic relationsThe Association is involved in actions concerning the solution of social problems in marginalised communities, providing specialised and professional services, having at its disposal human resources with expertise and skills in the proposed field of intervention, as well as in the implementation of projects with external non-reimbursable funding. 

Verein Bremische Straffälligenbetreuung (VBS)
Freiwilligen Agentur Bremen
Freie Hilfe Berlin
KvI Netzwerk, KvI Netzwerk Angebote für Kinder von Inhaftierten
Bremer Erwerbslosenverband
Hoppenbank e.V.
BeBeE- Ombudschaft in der Kinder- und Jugendhilfe im Land Bremen
GISBU mbH Gesellschaft für integrative soziale Beratung und Unterstützung
Solidarische Hilfe
Interchange Non-Profit gUG

Interchange Non-Profit gUG aims to support lifelong learning. It is actively building communities of practice and learning in the areas of justice and of science communication. 

Visit their website here and see how you can connect to their learning networks.