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The importance of Families

Despite the significant developments made in the Criminal Justice System field (CJS), namely investing in offenders' social reintegration programmes during detention or community measures, little attention has been paid to prisoners' families and their needs during the re-entry process. The incarceration experience represents economic, social and psychological impacts for the families of the prisoners.
The prisoners’ families are among the most vulnerable and disadvantaged populations in society, experiencing multidimensional and intersectional forms of inequality (Western and Pettit, 2010). Given that, many of the consequences on prisoners’ families can be alleviated by some moderators.

NGOs, enterprises and social services have a diverse range of goods and services that are provided to families that are crucial for the family support and wellbeing. Civil society organisations that offer services to families with incarcerated individuals and during the re-entry process - must obviously be part of any comprehensive crime prevention strategy.

what we Expect to do


Roadmap on existing programs/services that meet the needs of prisoners’ families

Mobile Application

Mobile application to the families to find the available services according to their prior selected needs

Training Manual

Training Manual to mobilize community capacity to provide informal support and assistance to prisoners’ families

our Goals

Organizations using mobile application
Families engaged in the project
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