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Providing prisoners’ families with a compendium of available services to support them

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Online Resources to support prisoners' families 

UpFamilies aims to provide families of prisoners a summary and easier access to the services that are available (from local to national) that can support them in dealing with the impacts of prison. Information about these services will always be up to date and available free of charge through a mobile application.

This project also aims to raise awareness about the importance of training organizations that work with these families on a daily basis so that they are even more prepared to respond to their unique needs.


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Roadmap on existing programs/services that meet the needs of prisoners’ families

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Mobile Application

Free mobile application for families to find the available services in their area according to their prior selected needs. 

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Training Manual

Training Manual to mobilize community capacity to provide informal support and assistance to families affected by imprisonment. Includes all necessary training materials (theoretical chapters, session plans, etc.), which have been piloted in the partner countries.